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SKF Seal Head Unit (SH2-KYB1846)

SKF Seal Head Unit provides reliable sealing over a wide temperature range and easy installation.

Due to the extensive years of research and development SKF products are the most technologically advanced and this is the standard that has been set for industry. Each part produced by SKF compliments the next. Stand-alone performance is superior but when several products are brought together the benefits are second to none. As the products are all designed to increase performance of the motorcycle, made from the most robust materials and are created with greater protection to make service intervals longer due to state of the art engineering and manufacturing.

  • SKF Seal Head Unit (SH2-KYB1846)
    • RRP $74.95
    • $74.95

    Provides reliable sealing over a wide temperature range and easy installation.

    Make/Model Specifications


    • CR 125R 2004-2007


    • TC 250 2012-2013 
    • TC 449 2011-2013
    • TE 250 2012-2013 
    • TE 310 2012-2013 
    • TXC 449 2011-2012 
    • TXC 511 2011-2013 


    • KX 125 250 2000-2008 
    • KX 250F 2004-2005 
    • KX 450F KLX 450R 2006-2008


    • RMZ 250 2004-2006


    • WR 250F 2001-2013
    • WR 450F 2003-2014 
    • YZ 125 250 2000-2005 
    • YZ 250F 2001-2005 
    • YZ 250F 2012-2013 
    • YZ 450F 2003-2005


    Available applications

    Motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle/Quad).

    SKF advantages:

    • Wide temperature range of –40 to +150 °C using HNBR
    • Plastic back-up ring to reduce friction and wear under high pressure
    • Increased service life and performance
    • Integration of all components into one easy to assemble unit (simplifying supply and installation)
    • Optional stroke bumper can be integrated into the sealing system
    • Compact solution to reduce height (to maximize stroke length/minimize shock absorber length)
    • Simplified air bleeding thanks to unique one-piece design

    SKF has state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that allow us to develop the most advanced profiles.

    The design features of the integrated monotube seals

    SKF Seal head unit and Integrated monotube seal cut away view
    • Static OD seal as part of the unit
    • Metal stamping supports all the features
    • Stroke bumper integration
    • Back-up ring to support the main lip under high pressure conditions
    • Dedicated materials and designs tuned to each other

    SKF has a proven success record in the production of shock absorber seals. This patented innovation further extends the SKF product range of shock absorber sealing.

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