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Slickoleum Grease 425ml (SLICKO 425ml)

  • Slickoleum Grease 425ml (SLICKO 425ml)
    • RRP $49.95
    • $49.95

    Slickoleum is light colored, low staining, water insoluble, and contain high quality premium additive packages. Slickoleum is low to medium temperature range, multi-purpose greases for fork seals, O-rings, linear slides, bearings and grease lubricated chassis applications. It delivers superior performance where minimum friction is necessary and where low temperatures or high speeds are involved.


    • Outstanding "Anti-Friction" and low temperature performance.
    • Very water insoluble and washout resistant
    • Fully additive treated: antirust, extreme pressure/anti wear, and antioxidant
    • Light colored and low staining


    • For conditions where minimum friction is necessary
    • Excellent O-ring and seal lubricant
    • Excellent rust protection.


    NLGI Consistency Number 2
    Thickener Anhydrous Calcium
    Texture Smooth, Adhesive
    Color, Observed Medium Amber
    Dropping point, D-556, F 285
    Wheel Bearing Leakage, D-1263, rating Pass
    Water Washout, D-1264 Modified, 175 F, % loss 5 Max.
    Oxidation Stability, D-942, psi drop @ 100 hrs (400 hrs) 4 (8)
    Timken OK load, D-2509, lb 45
    Approximate Temperature Range, F -65 to 250 (Celsius => -54 to 121)

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